Your Questions About Concealed Carry Laws Ohio

Ken asks…

Can you conceal and carry a handgun in Ohio if you are Active Military?

I am active duty Army and I know some states allow Active Military and of course Law enforcement personnel to conceal a weapon without the conceal carry permit and I would like to know if Ohio is one of those states that allow that. If anyone can help and/or answer that I appreciate your input, thanks.
To those who say no state allows this check out this link…

And as far as obtaining the permit, in some states Military personnel don’t have to go through every channel civilians do as they do not need additional firearms training.

ccadmin answers:

I am a CCW permit holder. I don’t know of ANY state that allows military to carry concealed based solely on being in the military. Military status has no bearing on civil law in regards to carrying or owning a firearm. You, like anyone else, will have to meet the permit requirements for whatever state you are in.

Everything regarding Ohio’s CCW law:

Notice “military” is NOT listed anywhere on there

Edit: your link. It is saying:

1. That STATE military forces (i.e. The National Guard) is exempt from permit requirements while carrying out official duties.

2. That ALL military personnel residing in GA may apply for a permit IF the meet the requirements. Which basically does nothing more than exempt them from the domicile requirement.

And military pistol training does nothing to prepare you for carrying a concealed weapon in the civilian world. Never once in the military was I taught the various civil laws in regards to the use of deadly force or concealed carry.

James asks…


1) Is it legal to have brass knuckles in Ohio? The law (2923.20) states that I shouldn’t have them for sale or give them away to non law enforcement personnel, but doesn’t say that I can’t possess them. 2) What do you think an officer would do if he found them on a person? Especially since the law now states that if you have a concealed carry permit and everything is in proper order they must return the firearm.

ccadmin answers:

If it helps at all, I am also in Ohio. You can collect brass knuckles and/or keep them in your home. Many novelty stores and online businesses sell them as “paper weights” made from stainless steel, brass and now in plastic.

The moment you are caught with them on your person outside the home ( even as a “decorative” belt buckle, it is possession of a dangerous weapon ( felony charge ) same as carrying an unloaded gun.

Possessing a concealed carry permit does not allow you to carry brass knuckles. That is for firearms only.

I hope this helps and you can find it useful

Charles asks…

Can I be terminated for legally carrying a concealed weapon in Ohio?

My company has a policy banning anyone with a CCW permit from having their firearm on them or even secured in their vehicle in the parking lot! I’m in Ohio and with the new laws that passed recently I am legally allowed to carry even though the restaurant I manage served alcohol, but the policy states quite clearly that I will be terminated for exercising my legal right. I am currently awaiting replies from the NRA and ACLJ as to whether this policy is constitutional. But I need to know if I have any legal recourse should my employer fire me for this reason. I carry now and have no intention of ever stopping. Especially considering before I started my employment there were 2 armed robbery attempts in the last 2 years.
I understand not carrying inside. But do they really have a right to tell me I can’t keep it secured in my own vehicle?

ccadmin answers:

The way you wrote this it sounds like you are saying if you don’t have a CCW you can carry on company property.

Ohio has not yet passed the employee protection right, so you by law cannot carry a firearm on company property without that danger of being legally fired. Some states have passed an employees protection act, and in those states it is legal to leave your personal firearm locked in your vehicle on your employers property. My suggestion to you is get enough people together and have your state pass an employees protection law as some other states have.

Like others have said on here, park your vehicle off of your employers property, there is nothing your employer can do about that.

David asks…

Why don’t people open carry in Ohio? It is perfectly legal. Instead people choose to conceal carry.?

A criminal will less likely mess with you if he knows you have a gun then if he doesn’t know. I always hear stories of people being harrassed by police when they are open carrying. I asked my local police departments this and no one knew the law. Some officers said they would arrest me for carrying a concealed weapon. How is it concealed if it’s in plain view. Some ofher police officers said they would arrest me for inducing panic. These are all BS tactics to discourage people from owning and carrying guns. I talked to several attorneys and the attorney general legal consultent. So my question is why don’t people open carry and what is the worst thing that could happen?

ccadmin answers:

Most people don’t want the bother.

Yes, it’s legal, but you may get hassled for it, arrested because of it, and have to fight the government for your property and your rights afterwards.

The worst that could happen is that some over zealous cop could aim an assault rifle at you and accidentally kill you because he’s nervous and unsettled by the sight of a mere citizen carrying a firearm. Don’t think it could happen? You’d be surprised how close it comes to happening every week.

If you want to discuss this with people who actually know the law and openly carry firearms all the time, check out the link below. Check out the state pages on the forum. There are some great stories, and some that will make you cringe.

Good luck.

Chris asks…

Ohio Open Carry of a Firearm?

Don’t answer, just read! There are so many horribly wrong answers to this question on here that i want to clear it up. It IS legal to open carry a firearm in Ohio. Ohio Revised Code 9.68(C)1 states that you have the right to do so. However, you must be 18 to carry a rifle/shot gun and 21 to carry a pistol. ORC 9.68 also protects you from different cities local ordinances pertaining to gun laws. They MUST follow state law. But, if you do decide to open carry be cautious, a lot of people and even cops aren’t aware that it is a legal activity in Ohio. If you have any questions check out they have a great forum for concealed and open carry questions!

El Scott, thanks for your great input :) I hope everyone that is thinking about OC’ing or already does reads what you wrote.

ccadmin answers:

If open carry is legal in your State that is great. I, as a street cop, support law abiding citizens who want to own and carry a firearm. However, be aware of this, if you do chose to carry open in your area (and it is legal) then be prepared to talk to the Police. If you walk around with a handgun strapped to your hip then people will call the Police on you. It’s as simple as that. If the Police get a call of an armed subject (even one obeying the law) then they will respond and they will send more then one Officer. If/when the Police show up I suggest you comply with their directives and don’t smart off to them. Odds are they don’t know you or your true intent and they are dealing with someone armed.

Personally, I prefer to carry concealed for a number of reasons. Surprise being the main one. If someone is planning on doing something illegal I don’t want them focusing on me because I am armed. I want them to focus on the clerk of the store they are robbing so I can surprise them. Also, if you are carrying concealed (legally) then you are less likely to have the Police called on you and don’t have to worry about any hassles.

One more thing, if a person asks you to leave their property because you are armed then you must leave or face trespassing charges.

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2 Responses to “Your Questions About Concealed Carry Laws Ohio”

  • Mike Morris on July 14, 2014

    So can I carry brass knuckles or not in Ohio? I have a ccw permit.

    • ccadmin on July 21, 2014

      I would generally suggest that you NOT carry brass knuckles. I do not know the exact laws about this, but this type of weapon begins to show some premeditated intent to cause injury. As was emphasized in my CC training, there is no sure legal defense if you use deadly force to protect yourself.

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