Your Questions About Handgun Safety Test Questions

Nancy asks…

Is the handgun safety certificate test hard? ?

I’m in CA this will be my first gun, so I was just wondering what kind of questions to expect

ccadmin answers:

I bought the study guide from the dealer for $.50, and I felt like I was screwed out of $.50. I am in CA also, and 1 of the questions on the test was ” True or False, a safe way to check if a gun is unloaded is to point it at a friend and pull the trigger? ”

No, it’s not hard at all, as long as you are not a total retard.

Betty asks…

I need information about Intrafamilial handgun transfer in CA?

Ok, here it is. I am buying a Glock 22 for the police academy. But I am 19 years old. So, my mom has to buy the Glock 22 for me. For me to legally to have the Glock 22, we have to do a intrafamilial handgun transfer.

My question is this, does she gift it to me and we do the intrafamilial handgun transfer? or do we just do the intrafamilial handgun transfer.

Do I have the steps correctly?

Step 1: My mom buys the Glock 22. She fills out the DOJ form and takes the hand gun safety test.

Step 2: I take the handgun safety test.

Step 3: We wait the 10 days, and then pick up the handgun.

Step 4: I fill out the intrafamilial handgun transfer, and send a check for $19 to the DOJ.

PS: I am 19 years old, and my mom and I both live in CA.

I need all the information I can get please!

ccadmin answers:

California – State law restricts selling or giving handguns to juveniles under 21, and other firearms to juveniles under 18, except for supervised loans of firearms or for limited lawful activities, you would have to be 21 before the transfer could be made and then the steps would not be needed.

Sharon asks…

So how do I carry my gun home every night without ending up in Los Angeles County Jail?

There are no concealed carry permits in the CIty of Los Angeles unless you are politically connected. Chief Charlie Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department is in fact also the President of Handgun Control Inc. for the City, and was their keynote speaker at their last convention in Las Vegas. During his speech, he bragged about the fact that Los Angeles has nearly 4 million people and he has only issued about 200 gun carry permits. Los Angeles County is much the same way. Los Angeles County is the largest by population in the nation (10 million) yet anti gun Sheriff Lee Baca has only issued approximately 500 gun carry permits.

Los Angeles is a strange place. If you drive outside of the city, you can buy any gun you like and take it back into Los Angeles (except .50 caliber centerfire rifles or pistols or assault weapons that hold more than ten shots). There is only one handgun selling gunshop in Los Angeles…Turner’s Outdoorsman in Reseda. There is a ten day waiting period for guns, you need a safe or you have to buy a gun lock for your gun., handguns require a $25 license that requires you pass a 20 question safety test. I usually get a 20 out of 20 on the test, and it is good for five years. You can have all the guns you want, but you have to keep them HOME or on your PRIVATE PROPERTY. Home owners and business owners who kill strangers who try to break in don’t get any grief from the police.

So. I am a teacher. Obviously, I need a summer job. I live in Echo Park, a ghetto of Los Angeles. It is the only neighborhood I could afford to buy a house. I plan on saving my money and trading up. So I work summer jobs. So I am a late night (til 1:30 am) liquor store clerk in an area that is the border of the meanest gang in Los Angeles (Mara Salvatrucha Trece..MS-13) and the biggest gang in Los Angeles, 18th Street Gang (20,000 in Los Angeles, 50,000 nationwide). It’s a bad area. The police helicopter is overhead all night long most nights. You can hear gunshots and sirens at night. I am NOT going to win any fistfights. I am five foot four, 112 pounds, and due to a chronic birth defect that surgery went wrong for, I have very little upper body strength right now. So I carry a gun. My brother is a retired/disabled Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy. He has a very bad auto immune disease that makes it impossible to work any more. He loaned me his off duty weapon, a Smith & Wesson Model 60 Stainless Steel .38 Special Chief’s Special. He had the hammer bobbed and put on a Pachmayr black rubber grip. The gun looks like it was taken off the Maine in Havana harbor (salt air, he lived in Huntington beach, and bought the gun way back when he became a deputy. He is 13 years older than me, and I am 35. He gave me a box of 30 year old Law Enforcement Only Federal +P 110 grain controlled expansion bullets that his department used to use before they switched to semi automatics, and two five shot Safariland speed loads. You don’t have to twist anything, just push hard. I keep the gun in the big front pocket of my hoodie. So. I don’t walk down. I don’t want to get jumped walking home at 2:00 AM. I can’t drive my car down. This is illegal alien central, with two familes to a house, and little to no available parking on the street at night. Most people have to park a long way from where they live. So I take a 49 cc Motor Scooter down, and park it right behind the liquor store, in a fenced in area where the owner stores boxes and whatnot. I come down in daylight, so I am not scared. When I drive down, my gun is unloaded, with a gun lock on the trigger, in my backpack. I have this small lockable box, that is the size of a 3″ x 5″ card file that is lockable with a small lock. I put the bullets in the little box. You could break the box by just stomping on it, or a strong man with his bare hands, but hey, it’s locked. All this is in my backpack. I come to work, park my scooter in the back, come up front. As soon as the owner leaves, I unlock, load, and pull out my gun and speed loaders out of the back pack and stick them in my hoodie pocket. All set. If a scary person comes into the shop, I keep one hand on the .38. Here’s the problem. Going home. The store has a safe, and those big anti burglar metal things that you pull out of the side and lock into a metal track set into the sidewalk. I have to go outside all by myself and lock up the front. I am scared of being jumped. Then I have to go out back to this dark, dark, alley in back, unlock the gate, and drive my scooter out, and then lock the gate and leave. I am scared of being jumped, so I keep my gun loaded in my hoodie. It is a really short drive home, so this far, I just drive home with the gun loaded with two speed loaders in my front hoodie pocket. This is not good, because the cops in this neighborhood stop anything strange looking. So how or when do I unload my gun to drive home
I know the cops will stop me sooner or later, because they are all over this neighborhood, and they stop anything strange or out of place. I am short and skinny, and have long hair like a girls that sticks out past my helmet, I drive a small 49cc motor scooter, I tend to wear Birkenstock sandals
Right now, I am thinking I will just get all set, ready to take off on my scooter, if anyone comes, and when my scooter is up and running, I will take out my gun, unload it, put the gun lock on, and throw the bullets into the tiny little lock box, lock it, throw it all in my little school backpack, and drive home.
tex quick

Apparenty the purpose of the lock box completely flew right over your head; it is so I can look the cop in the eye and tell him the gun and ammo is secure.
tex quick

You didn’t read the question. You missed that part about no gun carry permits in Los Angeles, which was sort of the main thrust of the whole question.

I have training. I shot my first deer in the Angeles National Forest at age 14, in Chilao Flat. I served in the US Army in Kosovo (MOS57E-Laundry and Shower Specialist) and I qualified with the M16A2.

You obviously drive through Echo Park and don’t live there. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
Come to Los Angeles and open carry a .44 Magnum. The police won’t stop and arrest you. They will shoot you dead. Your corpse can then file a complaint to the US Supreme Court. Your dead rotting body can be a big celebrity and hero for the National Rifle Association. They can embalm you and prop up your body at the entrance to the NRA Headquarters in Wash. They can pose you waiving jauntily to the visitors, and wire your mouth into a smile. You will be a gun rights hero.

What is my orientation? What part of my body appears to fascinate you? Guess what? You just came out of the closet! Well, better late than never!!
Who is # 1

Apparently you suffer from dyslexia and cannot read. Only San Francisco and Los Angeles School Districts give contractual tenure protection to people of my orientation.

A cabbage is not a stapler. An orange is not a car. All things are not the same. You lack the ability to read, so you cannot understand the differences between things.

ccadmin answers:

Your situation is pretty dismal as far as your safety goes. You a handicapped individual working in the worst section of the entire state in which you live, at the worst time of day to be working, in the worst business to be employed, surrounded by the most dangerous gangs to exist, defending yourself with a corroded gun, 30 year old bullets and (my guess) absolutely no training of any sort. Not to mention you drive in indefensible vehicle and at casual glance, you look like a girl.

As a self-defense training company, I tell my students that if your only defense is a gun, you are doomed. Self-defense and safety start LONG before you pick up a pistol, and decisions must be made LONG before it is loaded.

Eventually, you will be robbed or assaulted. You know this as well as I do. The only question is ‘In what condition will this leave you?’.

As to your original question, I defer to the police department. You are asking a question that no one here can answer because no one here will be the one you interact with if you are stopped. Go to the source. Set up a meeting with an officer and lay out your situation. This establishes you as a “good guy” and introduces you to someone with answers AND a name. Invaluable.

As to other suggestions, keep the scooter in the store. Stay out of that alley and back lot. After dark, that should be a “no go” zone.

Your choice of jobs, locations, living areas are poor. Note, I mean no insult, just stating a fact. Again, look at my summary of your situation. If you choose to live in this area rather than move, or work in a liquor store at night instead of somewhere with many people, you have to accept the risks associated with those choices. The acceptability of those risks is up to you as far as if they are worth the rewards. IMO, no, they are not.

Good luck and be safe as you can.

NOTED: Thanks for your service Tafkan. I was referring more to civilian self-defense and safety.

Sandy asks…

What kind of basic information will I need to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun?

I am going tomorrow to attempt to get a Permit to Purchase a firearm from my local police station, I understand there are requirements, and my question is, Does anyone know what kind of info I will need to know when taking my Pistol safety test?

I live in Michigan according to my city’s website I need to bring photo ID, and pass a general pistol safety exam, I was just wondering what kinds of things might be on this exam. I assume it’s things I already know, I just don’t want to get something I may not know.

If anyone could help it would be appreciated. Thanks.

ccadmin answers:

You only need to get 70% on the test. Use common sense and you will be fine. Its a 10 question true and false test. Look out for questions that say things like, “A gun can NEVER discharge when dropped if the safety is engaged”. Oh, and (HINT) you have 5 days to report a stolen firearm from the time you notice it missing NOT a year.

Lizzie asks…

I need help on my ‘Know Your Constitution’ test.?

This is the question:

In January 2013, Congress passes, and the President signs, the American Readiness Mandatory Safety (ARMS) Act of 2013. This act requires every adult male to purchase a handgun, shotgun, or rifle. During debate on the act in Congress, supporters argued that the bill was necessary to reduce crime, protect against terrorist attacks, and provide jobs in the gun-manufacturing sector of the economy. The ARMS Act provides for no exceptions or waivers and directs the Internal Revenue Service to collect a $1000 civil penalty each year from any adult male who does not own such a gun. The Act also includes a provision stating that no federal court shall have jurisdiction to hear a case involving the ARMS Act.

James Hoover lives in downtown Des Moines and does not own a handgun, shotgun, or rifle. Although James does not consider himself affiliated with any formal religion, he believes that guns are immoral and that he would violate his personal principles, and that fate would punish him if he purchased and owned a gun and thus supported immoral gun manufacturers. James decides to ignore the ARMS Act, and in April 2013, the IRS assesses the $1000 civil penalty against James.

Write an essay between 200-1000 words analyzing whether (1) the ARMS Act’s gun purchase requirement is constitutional, (2) whether the ARMS Act’s provision prohibiting a federal court from hearing a case involving the ARMS Act is constitutional, and (3) whether the IRS’s assessment of the civil penalty against James Hoover is constitutional. Make specific reference in your answer to any applicable Articles, Amendments, and any other surrounding contextual constitutional authority on which you can reasonably rely. You may include actual historical examples of the application of any relevant constitutional authority. This is an open-ended questions, and you are free to take any position you wish.


ccadmin answers:

I have this same essay.. Only ours was changed to the health care bill. But anyway:

For the first part of the essay, look over the amendments, and see if it states anything that declares it unconstitutional.
For the second part, look at this site. It lists the cases that a federal court can hear. Http://

For the third part, just google it. That’s exactly what I’m doing…

Good luck! :)

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