Your Questions About Right To Carry Laws By State

Sharon asks…

Can a Canadian permanent resident in Nevada own or carry a handgun?

Assuming one is a lawful resident in the US and abides by the state carry laws.

ccadmin answers:

A legal permanent resident of the US has EXACTLY the same rights regarding guns as a US citizen.

Mary asks…

What do you think about your right to bear arms?

Are you for or against it? And why? Also what do you think about the concealed carry laws in your state?
I’m for it. I am 20 now and when I turn 21 I am going to get my Concealed Carry, and I can’t wait! I just wanted to see how many people on yahoo are for it and against it.

ccadmin answers:

I STRONGLY support the right of citizens to bear arms.

The right to bear arms is a right, not a privilege.

Here in Alabama, the concealed weapon permits are relatively easy to afford.

As long as the concealed weapon carrier has some training with the weapon they carry, I have no problems.

I am eagerly and anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on the right to bear arms.

James asks…

Where can I find California concealed and open carry laws written in plane English?

Ive found places that will give you the versions that are so complex written versions that you need a lawyer to read it for you. Does anyone know a place that has them all written in plane readable English for both concealed and open carry laws for California?

ccadmin answers:

A few good sites are, and

Californistan still reciprocates with no one, and each county has its own set of rules for issuance of concealed carry permits. As for open carry (aside from legitamite hunting) a handgun may be carried unloaded and in plain sight in most areas. I say most areas because californistan has the most archane and disassociated set of firearms laws in the nation.

Recently the public safety commitee voted down a bill to make the issuance standard state wide and make CA a shall issue state, with reciprocation.

George asks…

Why is it illegal for me to carry a knife over three inches?

I live in Rhode Island, and here the knife laws state that a spring assisted opening knife can be no more than three inches. Why is that , when i cal legally carry a gun, but not a 3.5 inch knife?

ccadmin answers:

Because spring loaded knives over 3.5 inches can kill people, oh wait. Guns kill people. Oh wait, pens cause forgery. Oh wait, matches cause arson. Oh wait….All these liberals seem to think that limiting our abilities to carry weapons for self defense actually cause statistics in crime to increase. In reality, it just as easy to kill someone with a one inch blade as it is to kill someone with a 5 inch blade. I guess, 3.5 sounds like a good number. Maybe the person who drafted the bill only had a 3.5 inch penis???

Lizzie asks…

What is the law for carrying handguns in public for Roanoke, Va?

Like is it legal for someone to enter a public place like the library or mall who is carrying an handgun and be able to stay? Like if someone reports it then the people there, are they required to call the law to have the person removed, or is it alright? Can they do something about it, or is there no law stating they cant be in there?

ccadmin answers:

The open carrying of firearms is legal everywhere in Virginia. It is only banned in a few locations such as schools. Citizens have the right to bear arms for their own defense and you cannot take this right away from them. There is nothing the police can do if they are not breaking any laws. Most people obtain conceal carry licenses and carry their handguns concealed, so you would never know they even had a gun. Others choose to carry openly, especially during the summer when they are wearing lighter clothing and are unable to conceal their firearm. You are 80 times more likely to survive an attack if you are armed and willing to defend yourself.

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